Frequently Asked Questions


How do I care for my luxury blanket ?

This is a luxurious, decorative product, made from un-spun pure merino wool that has been cleaned and dyed to make it as durable as possible. However the wool is still delicate and will need to be handled gently. As with all woolen products, pilling may occur with use and can easily be removed.  Spot cleaning in the direction of the wool with a soft damp cloth and very mild wool detergent is recommended. Never ever put your knit blanket in the washing-machine! Dry clean with a specialist if needed. Your blanket may just need a good shake to reshape and freshen it after a serious snuggle session.

What makes Merino Wool superior?

  • It doesn't itch like traditional wool, thanks to the small diameter of it's fibers.
  • It's breathability and quality to wick away moisture is unmatched by any other fabric. Making it a safe and an ideal baby blanket, while creating the perfect sleeping environment.
  • Unlike other types of wool, Merino does not attract high levels of dust. Making it hypoallergenic and safe for those with sensitive skin.
  • We use the finest Merino Wool- long lasting, natural, renewable and biodegradable.

My Blanket seems large- was I sent the correct size?

Every blanket is measured and weighed before it heads off to it's new home to ensure that it meets the minimum size ordered. If your item seems a little wider or longer - just give it a gentle pull in the direction you want and the stitches will even out.


How long will my blanket shed for?

As with all unspun wool there is an initial shedding phase. This is very minimal due to the process we use, but some shedding does still occur.  Like a good pair of new shoes, the more your blanket is used and some pilling occurs the sooner the shedding will decrease.