Why Merino Wool Beanies & Scarves Are Winter-Wise Wear

Merino wool beanies and scarves are highly sought-after in the winter. In fact, they’re considered ideal for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors during the cold weather months.

But are they really worth the hype? What makes merino sheep’s wool so special? If you are asking this question, the chances are good that you’ve never felt it for yourself.

But, once you do try it yourself, you’ll understand why the material is great for outdoor gear. In fact, there’s a whole host of reasons why merino wool beanies and scarves are in high demand.

merino wool beanies

Luxurious Softness

Who doesn’t prefer wearing an ultra-soft beanie and scarf? Wool has a reputation for being itchy, but that definitely isn’t the case for any that comes from merino sheep. This type of wool is itch-free and incredibly comfortable – really, it’s just as soft and cozy as cashmere.


Since merino sheep wool responds to changes in body temperature, knit beanies and scarves made from the material can keep you warm all winter long. Wearing them, you’ll feel fully insulated against the cold.


As warm as it is, merino sheep wool is also a breathable material. The characteristics of the fibers and the weaving process for chunky knit beanies and scarves allows for just enough airflow to prevent overheating.



Merino sheep wool has a natural ability to wick away moisture. The fibers can absorb a great deal of dampness without feeling wet. So, anyone who wears a beanie and scarf made from this type of wool can count on staying dry and comfortable.

Odor Resistant

Because merino beanies and scarves effectively manage moisture, odor-causing bacteria cannot thrive. Wear this winter gear, and you won’t have to worry about leaving a foul-smelling funk in your wake.


Is your skin on the sensitive side? Merino sheep wool is hypoallergenic, so wearing a knit beanie and scarf made from the natural material won’t result in a rash or skin irritation.


If you’re used to replacing your cold weather gear every year, you can forget about that Merino wool beanies and scarves are incredibly durable – much more so than products made from many other materials – so they’ll remain in great shape, season after season.

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Kaila Briscoe