Chunky Knit Baby Blankets Make Perfect Shower Gifts


If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a pregnant friend or family member, you can end your search here. Chunky knit baby blankets, handmade from 100 percent pure merino wool are soft, cozy and undeniably useful. 


Sure, most expecting moms and dads have local or online baby registries, listing the gear they need and want for their newborn. Buying something that isn’t on the registry might sound risky, but any new parent would be thrilled to receive a handmade chunky knit baby blanket. 


Chunky Knit Baby Blankets Become Treasured Keepsakes

Baby shower gifts often get oohs and ahhs from both the guest of honor and her guests – yet cute as the garments and gear may be, many never get used. Months later, the gifts still have their tags.


Give the gift of a beautiful chunky knitted baby blanket, and you’ll know the new parents will put it to great use. The little bundle of joy will likely be wrapped in the cozy wool for the ride home from the hospital, and the blanket will continue to provide warmth and comfort long after the baby takes their first steps.


A chunky knit blanket is one of the few baby shower gifts that’s almost guaranteed to become a treasured keepsake. It won’t be passed along or sold – mom and dad will want to hang onto the gift forever as a reminder of their little one’s early years.


Benefits of Merino Wool for Baby Blankets

When it comes to knitted baby blankets, a super soft material is a must – acrylic yarns can be scratchy. For superior comfort and coziness, the best yarn option is 100 percent pure merino wool.


What makes pure merino wool ideal for baby and newborn blankets? Aside from being luxuriously soft – as soft as cashmere -- blankets made from this type of yarn offer several advantages:


  • Merino wool is hypoallergenic and won’t irritate tender young skin

  • Merino wool offers unsurpassed body temperature regulation

  • Merino wool is breathable and resists natural odors


Chunky knitted blankets for babies have a light weave to further boost their breathability and moisture wicking properties. And there’s no denying that the unique texture offers an interesting décor touch to the baby nursery! 


Chunky Knit Pillows for Baby Shower Gifts 

For a different sort of baby shower gift – or to accompany a handmade knitted blanket – consider a chunky knitted pillow.


This type of pillow isn’t for sleepy time, it’s for play and exploration. Chunky knit pillows are round, roughly 13 inches in diameter, and they have plenty of easy-grab spots for young fingers to take hold. Made from pure merino wool yarn, these pillows are amazingly soft, and they’re lightweight enough for baby to handle. Plus, chunky knitted pillows provide a distinct home décor flair to any nursery.


Forget shopping off the baby registry – the chunky knit baby blankets and pillows at Lane and Mae make perfect shower gifts. All of our products are handmade from 100 percent pure un-spun merino wool sourced from cruelty-free European farms, and we use natural-based dyes to create beautiful colors.


Visit our website to learn more about Lane and Mae, or to browse our line of handmade chunky knit baby blankets and pillows. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect baby shower gift. 

Kaila Briscoe