Handmade Chunky Knit Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love

Handmade chunky knit merino wool blankets, pillows, scarves and beanies are sure to please everyone on your list, if you’re looking for the ideal holiday gifts for your friends and family.


Knitted products made from pure, un-spun merino wool are luxuriously soft, lightweight, warm and breathable. The oversized chunky weave offers unique texture and style, and people prize handmade gifts for their exceptional quality.

handmade holiday gifts chunky knit

Buying handmade chunky knit holiday gifts is an easy way to show your loved ones how much you care. Give any of the following knitted merino wool products and you’ll make all of your friends and family happy this holiday season.

Chunky Knit Blankets

Who doesn’t love cozying up under a super soft and warm blanket? A chunky knitted merino wool blanket can keep you toasty on cold winter nights – and the lightweight, breathable nature also makes it great for chilly summer evenings.

Chunky knitted blankets are available in several sizes and a range of vibrant and neutral colors, all of which make for wow-worthy holiday gifts.


Chunky Knit Pillows

The perfect complement to a chunky knitted blanket? An incredibly soft and comfy pillow, of course! Handmade knit pillows are also great gifts on their own – they’re plush, inviting and never scratchy.

Chunky knitted pillows are like round puffballs, cushioned to just the right degree, and their unique look offers both textural interest and style. 


Chunky Knit Scarves

For anyone who lives in a cold climate or frequently travels to frigid destinations, a chunky knitted merino wool scarf is an ideal holiday gift.

This winter accessory can keep your loved ones warm in style – and thanks to the wool’s natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties, they won’t overheat. What more could anyone want in cold weather gear?


Chunky Knit Beanies

When it’s cold outside, wearing a hat is often a must – and without question, knitted merino wool beanies are the softest, warmest and most comfortable hats you can find. And with the oversized chunky weave and fluffy pom pom topper, knit beanies add style to any winter outfit.

Like knit scarves, handmade knitted beanies offer insulation and wick away moisture, both of which are essential properties for cold weather gear. If you’re searching for practical and stylish holiday gifts, beanies are hard to beat.

Ready to get your holiday gift shopping done? The chunky knitted blankets, pillows, scarves and beanies at Lane and Mae are handmade with care to ensure unparalleled quality. Every item is crafted from 100 percent pure merino wool, sourced from cruelty-free farms, and we only use natural-based dyes.

Anyone would love to receive one of our luxurious, long-lasting knitted merino wool products – and why not treat yourself to the perfect present, too? Visit the Lane and Mae website to browse our line of high-quality handmade chunky knit holiday gifts today.

Kaila Briscoe